Summary: Very Bad Experience, Slow Speeds and Internet Goes Down (not reliable)
May 13th, 2018 (Last Edited: May 13th, 2018)
Not Happy & Would NOT Recommend: Ongoing Problems Develop Over Time
(I have to use tether 4G iPhone connection to write this as HyperOptic is again not working)
HyperOptic were installed in our block in Westminster and after HyperOptic initially cancelled the installation, eventually it was installed. All worked fine to begin with but then the problems started to develop.
Interestingly, after many years with Talk Talk on normal copper wire broadband, these problems never happened, and that was with Talk Talk(!).
Firstly, the HyperOptic Internet connection comes in and out, and HyperOptic speeds move up and down. The signal strength on Wifi for a device next to to the router moves in and out.
Then, more problems develop. The Internet goes down for no reason. This has happened a few times now and usually in the morning. The Customer Service team just make excuses, like it is something to do with my iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Windows laptop, Amazon Fire Stick, Echo Dot etc.
Then the speed slows down dramatically, to slower than my old broadband with Talk Talk. Websites don't load up quickly at all.
HyperOptic make ongoing excuses, like it is the Wifi router that they provided (yeah... right!), and it is the 2.5 Mhz or the 5 Mhx Wifi channels impacting one another (then why does your Wifi router offer both?).
I worry why the Internet is so unreliable and slow with HyperOpic. I worry that they utilise the network differently over night and in the morning, redirecting capacity.
I would not not recommend the HyperOptic service. The problems continue and are painful to deal with their Customer Service.
I know this sounds odd but as soon as I can get out of my contract, I will go back to Talk Talk(!).
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