Origin Broadband

Summary: Disaster
June 10th, 2018 (Last Edited: June 10th, 2018)
This provider may work for a few lucky customers who never encounter any issues, however, as soon as something goes wrong and you need support you are completely screwed. Be prepared to spend at least an hour on hold before you get through to a first level support person who will then waste your time following the standard questions. Calls to the helpline used to be free, but they changed that quietly to a regular number. The 24/7 technical support is history, too.

Their staff are all very polite, but very rarely actually help you in any way. They often lie when it's convenient. The only team that is rather effective is their sales team. I spoke with a few rather good people in the technical team as well, but they are rare and it's difficult to get through to them.

After a bit over a year I'm completely fed up with them and have decided to switch my line to another provider. They didn't do anything for almost 6 days when I reported a dead land line and lied repeatedly that they'd reported the fault to Openreach. I got it fixed by calling Openreach directly and they were happy to come and repair the damaged cable.

I would never ever go back the them again.
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