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Summary: Post Office Telecom - utterly, totally unfit for purpose (0.5mbps, customer service loops)
July 11th, 2018 (Last Edited: July 11th, 2018)

Since going live, we have received a technical capability and customer service level which has been completely unfit for purpose. After weeks of engaging with the Post Office Telecom processes, we have no choice but to conclude that it fundamentally lacks both the engineering capability as well as customer service ability to competently rectify the problems.

We have been receiving fluctuating speeds. Worse than the actual technical problems, it seems that the business processes being followed at the Post Office customer support lines are in complete disarray.
On calling tech support a couple of weeks into the contract, we started conducting frequent speed tests using their tool, and feeding those data points back to Post Office Telecoms.
On 21/05/2018 we were asked to send in at least 3 ping and tracert data points. Their employees confirmed our email was received.
Between then and 07/06/2018, the primary account holder called in every 2 or 3 days to chase progress on this. At every call, the call centre script with your employees was basically the same: Can we send in ping and tracert data again? (GAH!)
Then they “closed the support ticket as they were waiting on ping and tracert data”. Which we duly re-sent via email the same day, and received automated email responses acknowledging its receipt.
Thereafter has followed another week of regular support calls, with us sending speed tests, doing a fresh sets of ping and tracert data captures (with screenshot proof of wifi being off, pictures of the command line output, screen grabs of the speed test results).
The same lack of customer service has continued.
On 14/06/2018 17:46, we received an email stating that a technical fault had been fixed.
This morning (15/06/2018 09:10), we received a telephone call confirming that the Post Office had received the ping and tracert data we'd sent a few days ago. Apparently, the matter was going to be passed onto the engineering team and we would hear back within 3 working days.
Confused, we rang back to clarify why the email had suggested a fault had been found and fixed but there was an engineering ticket open… only to be told that no one from the Post Office had emailed us, no one had called at 09:10 this morning, and that the latest status according to this colleague’s support ticket was that we needed to send in ping and tracert data. &^!^""%^"%%"^"!!!!?!?!?!
We decided to terminate the service.
We told the employee (Ryan) that we are going to post off a letter requesting that the service is terminated - the employee told her a letter won’t do any good, he will transfer her to the Service Termination Team on the call. We agreed. Except Ryan accidently cut the line whilst trying to transfer the call. Called back a few mins later to apologise and try again. We agreed again to talk to the termination team. The call was cut off again.
The Post Office is clearly unable to provide the service we purchased, technically or in terms of customer service. Our broadband experience has been an utter waste of time, with countless hours wasted in troubleshooting and in weeks of calls to a support team who achieved precisely nothing in that time.
UPDATE JULY 2018: we've activated service with a competitor: on the exact same line are getting reliable peak traffic speeds of 8-15mbs. More than ever, wish we'd not wasted 4 months of headaches with the Post Office!
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