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July 13th, 2018 (Last Edited: July 13th, 2018)
Been with A@A for about a month and can say it has been an excellent choice. For the previous X years we had been with an award winning ISP but felt to need a change.

We have the very latest ONT BT Fibre to the Home fitted and that gave us not many option (no copper provided). BT or A@A maybe Skype but don't know, A@A being the only people that could supply VOIP, as the standard phone lines could only be tricked into working by Openreach in the exchange (typical BT...)

Yes the cost is a bit higher than BT etc with its discounts but that would soon be negated after the usual contract period ends.

After dealing with the really helpful sales team and making sure I/we wanted to go down the VOIP route we took the plunge - why did we take so long??? Even spoke with Gigaset and a sales manager in Zxkel before final decision who said that A@A know their stuff........they do and stick with their pre-configured router ec.

The service support team is relaxed and very knowledgeable without the usual what is your blood group type GDRP questioning (which is gone to an extreme with most firms now) when you chat to them.

We had an issue with the 5GHz stream from the Zxkel dropping out but after some tweaks a replacement was sent out and the issues have gone. Would prefer an antennae'd router with a bit more style but it is very functional for what we use it for.

We also use VOIP with Gigaset and whilst having used VOIP in a corporate setting before never used in a home setting. After a bit of a learning curve the clarity and ease of use is un-compromised compared to the usual Panasonic BT digital phones.

Speed is the fastest A@A offer and is consistent after having ADSL for the last X years what a joy.

So why have I dropped a star and not made all 10 out of 10.

Service is 9 due to not using this much - so really not known.

Support a 10 well due to knowledge base of products and relaxed approach - could have full weekend cover though.

Speed limited to 10 80down 20up so could be faster if you are a gamer - but for us consistent and fast enough - we have 200GB data limit per month so that and the costs drop value to a 9.

This is really nit picking though and we are really pleased with the route we have taken and not landed with a BT package.

Wouldn't change what we have decided upon and you can upgrade any handsets from the basic one provided.

HIGHLY Recommended
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